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Reviews of Books on Aspects of Publishing Including Design, Pre-Press, and Editing

Unlocking the Secrets of Publishing by Sylvia Hemmerly
This book will show you the basics of publishing, with an emphasis on producing the final product. Whether you are self-publishing or need to communicate intelligently with your publisher, this book will be of great use. It's strengths are in explaining the editorial, production and design process. It is less strong in explaining marketing. It contains a glossary which is very good, and directories which will help you continue to educate yourself.

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The Green Guide Girls: Guide to Book Publishing by Cindy Katz and Jennifer Wilkov
The making of books damages our environmen. Not only are thousands of trees killed for the paper involved, but also the chemicals used to process the paper, coat it, adn to print on it are potentially harmful.

This book is the best source I know for information on what processes do how much harm, and on the evolution of printing industry practices to reduce that harm. After reading this, you will be equipped to evaluate your book's impact, and to do something about reducing it with out destroying your bottom line in the process.

The guide is slender, and a trifle repetitious, but the information collected isn't easily available elsewhere. It should be on the shelf of every publisher with an interest in the health of our planet.

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Book Design and Production by Pete Masterson
This should be required reading for anyone starting his or her career in publishing, or for any author considering self-publishing.

Most of us have no intention of designing or laying out our own book covers and interiors. We need this book in order to get the best work from the designers and artists we hire, and the best prices from our printers. If you are intending to do your own cover or interior design and layout, you absolutely must study this book first.

You need this book even if you have graphic design experience in other areas. Books have certain unusual design constraints and conventions. This book gives you the type of specialized knowledge that normally comes from painful experience.

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The Fiction Editor, The Novel and The Novelist: ABook for Writers, Teachers, Publishers, Editors and Anyone Else Devoted to Fiction by Thomas McCormack
I have been around publishing houses, publishers and editors for far longer than I care to admit publicly. This is not only the best book I have ever read on the art and craft of editing, but it is also the best of which I have ever heard. No editor I have known, and I have known many very good editors has ever crystallized the goals and techniques so clearly. I am inspired by this book, and you will be, too, but you will also be left understanding exactly what should be happening between editors and writers.

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The Self-Publishing Manual, 16th edition by Dan Poynter
This is THE classic "how to publish" book for a very good reason: it covers almost every area of publishing in at least modest detail. And it's full of very sensible advice and encouraging words.

Don't be fooled by the "Self-" in the title. Traditionally published authors should read many parts of this. Anyone who is founding a publisher should, too.

Some of the suggestions are appropriate only for the smallest publishers, and you may well grow past them. In other places, the techniques will work best for non-fiction, or for niche books. But even in those places, simply considering these ideas, and deciding which are adaptable for your book or company will improve your results.

If you are involved in book publishing in any way, you should own a copy of this book, and you should read it thoughtfully.

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