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The Reference Desk for Publishers

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You'll find even more information on my blog and in the books reviewed below, but here are a variety of articles on publishing topics, and links to my articles in other publications.

Book Reviews

What books do you need? In my opinion, authors need several books on book publicity and marketing. I think new publishers need at least one book on book production, one on running a publishing business, several on book marketing, and at least two or three on self-publishing for their overview of the whole process. This can be confusing, so here are my personal Must-Have Lists. Enjoy.

All of the Must Have books are on the appropriate lists below, as well as a number of other books I think are worth your time and attention. NB: I don't post a review unless I really do like the book.

Web Directory: Links Sorted by Category

An assortment of information and services that I think small publishers might need to find. Since this is a purely volunteer effort and there's never enough time to devote to it, I'm always looking for suggestions from those who've found something good.

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