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Consulting Services By The Question

Come to us for innovative suggestions and time-tested techniques that help you make money, create opportunities and avoid problems.

We'll help you gain the skills and knowledge to help yourself, for a price that fits the small book publisher's budget.

Ask us about:


Financial and Accounting Issues

How can you increase your company's profits? Should you change your strategy, your list, your marketing? Should you focus on acquisitions, marketing, sales, overhead? Where do you start? Email us.

Does it make sense to launch this imprint, or publish this risky book? Is this project worth the investment? Send us a description, we can help you sort it out.

Which sales channels or product lines look profitable - but aren't? How can you turn them around? Describe the situation to us. We've been there before, and will help you find your way.

Which accounting program should you choose, and how should you set it up? What numbers do you need, and how can you use your information to grow your business? Get solid, inexpensive advice.

How can you do right by your authors, without hurting yourself? How can you get a better deal from your distributor? When should you walk away from a deal? Work through these and many other issues with an experienced guide.

The first step is to phone or email with your question. We'll narrow down the issues, and then estimate the cost to work through them together.


Operational and Management Challenges

Are you changing distributors or fulfillment houses? How will you notify customers, ship inventory, and reduce the flood of returns? What else should you consider? Ask. We've been there, and can help you avoid common mistakes.

How can you improve your royalty processing? Maybe it's already as good as it can be. If so, we'll tell you we can't help. Maybe you can save enormous amounts of time and effort. You'll never know if you don't ask.

Adding employees? What Human Resource policies should you implement? Where can you improve your Employee Relations? What are some of the common, and expensive, mistakes that expanding publishers make?

There are many more questions we field frequently. Contact us with a description of your situation. We'll sort out the most pressing elements, and give you an estimate of the cost to guide you toward your best path.


Deal Reviews and Negotiation Support

We start with an analysis of the administrative and financial impact of your contract, deal or offer. (See a sample.)

  • Distributor Contracts often contain negotiable clauses whose financial and operational impact is subtle but important. Which changes will make your life much easier without harming your partner?
  • Author Contract Boiler Plate is also negotiable. Make sure your contract isn't needlessly complicating your future, and yet gives your authors the best possible terms.
  • Many publishers like to role-play their negotiation, or to consider whether the terms are meeting both parties' needs. We help you create the best agreement for all concerned.


How do we work?
You contact us with your question. Together, we refine it. Then, Marion gives you an estimate. If you and she agree, she then answers your question. If she feels that she can't justify charging you for this service, she will generally attempt to point you toward other solutions.

Our fees are $200/hour via email or phone. In person consults can be arranged if circumstances require it.

The time to answer a question generally runs between 30 minutes and 2 hours, although the more complex issues raised by companies of moderate size have sometimes run longer. Marion makes every effort to ensure that her fees are much lower than the improvements she makes to your profits.


If you need help, contact us; we're here for you.

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