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Lists of Reviewers and Media

Gropen Associates hosts this directory as a free service to the community. We hope it helps you find just the professional you need!

We don't provide any of the services below.

Please do ask us about any financial or operational problems. We provide advice to publishers on an inexpensive "question-by-question" basis. We also offer software packages, helping you tackle common issues independently.

Contact us for assistance whenever you face a difficult situation. If it's not Marion's area of expertise, she probably knows who does cover it!

Reviews for academic libraries. Another big venue.

Heartland Reviews
Reviews of books from publishers of all sizes.

Kirkus Reviews
One of the big reviewers, they are long-lead, and prefer hardcover.

Library Journal
Another, big, long-lead, important review outlet.

MidWest Book Review
Well done reviews, including worthy indie publisher books, as well as books from larger houses. They also have a list of reviewers.

Publishers' Weekly
This is one of the "biggies." But you knew that. The link goes to their submission guidelines.

Small Press Review
Small Press Review is dedicated to showcasing literary excellence from small presses and authors who use the technology of POD (publishing-on-demand) and formats such as E-books, rocket readers and PDF files.


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Please use your own judgment here, as in all business decisions.

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