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Distributors for Small Presses

Gropen Associates hosts this directory as a free service to the community. We hope it helps you find just the professional you need!

We don't provide any of the services below.

Please do ask us about any financial or operational problems. We provide advice to publishers on an inexpensive "question-by-question" basis. We also offer software packages, helping you tackle common issues independently.

Contact us for assistance whenever you face a difficult situation. If it's not Marion's area of expertise, she probably knows who does cover it!

Alpen Books
Specializes in books, maps and videos on the outdoors, selling to stores focused on the outdoors.

Beagle Bay Books
This small publisher offers access to Ingram, and advice to smaller presses, from someone who has been through the mill once or thrice. Co-owner JC Simonds is another one of the listmoms on the Yahoo Group Self-Publishing, and gives generously of her time to many other publishing organizations.

Bella Distribution Services
Small distributor focusing on GLB, New Age and Mysteries.

Blu Sky Media
Offers full-service or a la carte distribution services. Seems to be a small and more personable company than many distributors.

Book Clearinghouse
Fulfillment plus entry into Ingram. Doesn't pretend to offer what IPG or NBN do, for example, but is open to smaller publishers than many others.

Run by a former head of PGW, this is a one-stop shop for everything from printing and composition through distribution.

Books West
Books West distributes small and independent press titles to booksellers throughout the Rocky Mountains, including Colorado, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. They offer fulfillment services (shipment of orders, inventory tracking and reporting, call center and credit card services, and much more) to publishers through their sister company, bLogistics.

Owned by Perseus Book Group, along with PGW. They're a large and increasingly powerful presence. They're interested in companies likely to become serious players in the trade publishing scene. They prefer to deal with companies selling more than $100,000 per year or so. One of the big 3.

Diamond Book Distributors
The largest distributor of comic books, it expanded a few years ago to graphic novels. If your list mines the same niches, they're a major player you should look at.

Provides sales, fulfillment, credit and collections services to Christian Publishers.

Fitzhenry & Whiteside
This Canadian publisher offers distribution to American publishers. If your books are likely to do well across the border, you may benefit from local distribution.

Greenleaf Book Group
Distributes many small and self-publishers. It is known for working in a variety of niches. Greenleaf also has a subsidy press in house.

Independent Publishers' Group
Independent Publishers Group is a book distributor for a large number of independent publishers and small presses throughout the USA and worldwide. One of the big 3.

Ingram Publisher Services
Yes, I know Ingram is the biggest wholesaler. They also have a (well-hidden) distribution arm. There's some information available about these services, but not much. They seem to be interested only in publishers with sales exceeding $1 million.

Last Gasp
Handles books focused on art or graphics with a strong viewpoint. Potentially controversial material has found a home in their catalog.

Midpoint Trade Books
Run by Eric Kampmann and Gail Kump, both of whom have many years in publishing and distribution. Midpoint is related to Beaufort Books, known for having published OJ Simpson's If I Did It and Sherry Jones' Jewel of Medina after larger houses cancelled them.

National Book Network
One of the big 3 national book distributors to the trade, NBN is well-known, and well-respected.

Peregrine Outfitters
Peregrine Outfitters offers outdoor retailers over 6000 outdoor products including accessories, equipment, and books.

Small Press Distributors
A good home for books that aren't quite "commercial" enough for the big 3. This distributor focuses on poetry and literature.

Washington Book
A regional distributor focusing on the Mid-Atlantic. Consider it for books with a niche focus in this region.


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